Club Mayo Sports was established in June 2012 with the aim of using existing networks both in Ireland and abroad to participate in various fundraising activities with a view to disbursing the funds raised to sports teams, individuals and in support of specific events. Any Mayo sports team, organisation or individual sports star can apply for funding and each application is considered on its merits and in relation to funds available at the time.

Unfortunately it has not been possible to accommodate the very many requests received to date but we have been pleased that through the generous support that we have received that we have are able to provide financial assistance, so far, to the following:

1.     Team Castlebar 2012 (a collaboration between Castlebar Mitchels LGFC and Castlebar United FC);

2.     Jerry Towey, Kilmovee (paracyclist)

3.     Sean Hynes, Foxford (motor sport)

4.     Cáirde Mhaigheo

5.     Mayo Ladies GAA Board

6.     Ballina Braves Youth Basketball Club

7.     Claremorris Rugby Club.  

We look forward to seeing all Mayo supporters for what should be a great night and all the latest details on our activities, and on how to apply for funding can be found at


All revved up at the launch night of Club Mayo Sports
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After four successful years and after contributing €60,000.00 to the benefit of Mayo GAA, Club Mayo Dublin has complied fully with the request of Mayo GAA County Board that all fundraising on their behalf was to cease. The funds that were raised by Club Mayo Dublin provided vital financial support to the Mayo Senior Football team and management and as a final contribution all our remaining funds were recently used in full in ensuring that the team training camp in Portugal was a huge success.   

The generous financial support and other forms of assistance previously made to Club Mayo was valued and far from trivial. The impact of the club measured by the voluntary resources it was able to call upon, the network of support it has in place and fundraising it was able to deliver was recognised and applauded by many. Widespread support has been forthcoming, not surprisingly, from our former members but also from players, from within all levels of Mayo GAA, from the wider base of Mayo GAA supporters as well as from other county supporters clubs and fundraising initiatives. So we must have been doing something right. 

Over the course of the last number of months we have been taken aback by the number of approaches we have received from sports clubs and individuals representing the wide base of sporting organisations throughout County Mayo enquiring as to whether Club Mayo could offer them any financial assistance.  All of our funds had been disbursed towards the purposes that they were were raised for. However the fact remains that there are very many genuine sporting causes in Mayo who would  greatly welcome any contribution, however small. That is a fact. We were unable to respond to the requests at the time but in future we believe we can. We have the network of contacts and supporters  in place and years of fundraising experience so it would be terrible pity to see that go to waste at a time when fundraising is getting more challenging by the day. So in the end it was an easy decision - Club Mayo Dublin will carry on under a slightly different name but a very different objective. 

We are delighted to present to you -  CLUB MAYO SPORTS. 

The objective of Club Mayo Sports is to fundraise with a view to making contributions to a wide range of sports in Mayo – on a case by case basis. It might not be much but for some it could be enough to make a difference.  

Who can we help? It may be a soccer club, a rugby club, a basketball club or a GAA club with a specific need. It may be an appropriate game, fixture or event. It may be an individual sportsperson for instance in athletics or boxing or cycling or motor sports. Have we got a Mayo team or an individual Mayo star with potential to make an impact on the Irish or International stage? Our aim is to help where we can and excited that we will be able to get behind many new projects and causes.  We don't see ourselves making general contributions towards regular day-to-day running of clubs and so on but no sport, no club or no individual is excluded if they have a specific and worthy case to submit for consideration.

And there is one more MAJOR difference – CLUB MAYO SPORTS is no longer a Dublin based club – we have supporters throughout Ireland and beyond and are open and appealing to all who see this as a worthy objective to get on board and assist us in any way possible.

At this stage Club Mayo Sports will not operate as a formal paid up membership type 'club'. We feel we can succesful function as a network, knowing that the support is there when it needs to be called on. More on this and specific fundraising iniatives wll be announced at our launch next Wed (see below for details).

Club Mayo Sports will continue to be run on an entirely voluntary basis. The existing ethics of all those involved in the running of the club will continue with an absolute commitment to transparency and accountability.   

CLUB MAYO SPORTS is now in place. It inherits a strong reputation and brand and with your support we intend to do it justice.